Bib And Tucker

Ocean Sunsets from the North Freo Sand Dunes

Perched in a prime position on top of the Fremantle SLS Club, Bib and Tucker is one of North Fremantle’s most wonderfully atmospheric venues that offers sweeping views of the Indian Ocean and Rottnest. Self-described as a mellow and quirky space that dishes up modern Australian food, Bib and Tucker has fast become a favourite spot for many.

Bib and Tucker was started by three former Olympians, Eamon Sullivan, Jamie Dwyer and Steve Hooker. This may seem like an odd combination of partners, yet it is one that has seemingly worked well with the trio managing to transfer their on-field prowess into hospitality success.


Bib & Tucker exterior North Fremantle


The interior of Bib and Tucker harks back to the industrial and commercial roots of North Fremantle. The fitout utilises many wooden and earthy materials that really give the place a blue-collar industrial feel. The kitchen is a large open-plan space with several copper features that continue the industrial theme. It’s always great to sit back and watch the inner-workings of a busy commercial kitchen. There’s a lovely sense of organised chaos in the kitchen and you can get a real case of order-envy as you see some of the other food being brought out.


Bib and Tucker describe their food style as Modern Australian and the menu makes for quite a sophisticated read. No matter whether you come to Bib and Tucker for breakfast, lunch or dinner you are definitely in for a great meal. A short scroll through their instagram account will instantly make your tummy rumble! Highlights from the dinner menu include the pumpkin gnocchi, the kangaroo fillet and the rotisserie chicken. There is also a large share menu and list of sides as well as an adventurous pizza menu. If you are after a hit of caffeine with your breakfast or after dinner then you’re in luck. The coffee at Bib and Tucker is fantastic and they have a close relationship with their coffee bean supplier, Campos.


A restaurant built amongst the coastal North Fremantle sand dunes will naturally offer great ocean views and if you decide to head to Bib and Tucker for dinner then we highly recommend an earlier booking. This will allow you to relax with a drink in hand and watch the sun slowly make its descent towards the horizon before finally sinking behind Rottnest. The sky at sunset is often highlighted with a myriad of different pink, purple, orange and yellow hues, making for a truly beautiful display. Just like North Freo itself, Bib and Tucker manages to combine a historied past with a vibrant and refreshing sense of modernity. Serving up fabulous food, delicious drinks and stunning views, Bib and Tucker is one of Perth’s premier coastal dining spots.



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