Ideas to Give Your Pool Area a Much-Needed Makeover Before Auction

Is your auction date approaching fast and yet your pool area still leaves a lot to be desired? What do you do? Luckily enough, there are short term fixes to get it looking neat and pristine. But with even more time and preparation, you could turn your pool in a breadwinner and stunning centrepiece that can result in thousands of dollars in added value.

Doing the hard yards to ensure your pool is beautifully neat and safe is an important part of home ownership, but this can stump many homeowners who haven’t dipped their feet into landscaping before. However, there are many worthwhile investments and finishing touches you could implement that will turn your pool into both a great summer hangout spot, and the crown jewel in your property.

To get the best out of you pool (and wallet), you’ll need to be pragmatic. Give yourself a couple of months in advance to perform vital renovations, and if possible do them in the wintertime, when labour and materials are cheap and the pool won’t be used.

Landscaping Basics

One of the simplest yet rewarding steps is to get back to basics. Tending to grass and weeds, trimming foliage, replacing dying plants and turf can make a whole world of difference, and can stop plant material leeching in.

Similarly, power washing any surfaces around the pool of accumulated gunk, and properly weather treating any outdoor furniture and fixtures can help to reduce all sorts of visual clutter.

Beautiful Fencing

Despite being a necessary legal requirement of pool ownership, you can make the best of both worlds and have a sleek and modern twist on your fencing.

Glass fencing for a pool is commonly associated with luxury resorts and penthouse suites primarily because it’s great at preserving the view, but you can achieve this same effect without breaking the bank. Glass fencing is stylish, practical and durable, so you won’t need to worry about damage or breakages. It’s an overall fantastic way to frame your pool.

But if you personally prefer swimming in a more private setting, aluminium slat fencing combines both security and style for another pool-suitable choice. A suitable durable option that comes with a range of finish, this ensures that you and future owners can enjoy the pool in peace.

Changing over pool fencing opens you up to legal vulnerabilities. So, make sure that you have temporary swimming pool fencing in place at all times.

Stylish Decking

What surrounds the pool is an important aesthetic choice! Consider updating your pool decking with a variety of materials to give your pool a complete facelift. Provided that you use high-quality, locally sourced materials, this represents a great investment that will completely maximise the value of your pool.

Poolside decks should be constructed from hardwoods that are rot and insect resistant to insure against future damage. With those requirements in mind, there are still a number of options for beautifully rich and textured materials you could use. Merbau is rapidly gaining prominence, while many Victorians prefer the look of Jarrah, Spotted Gum or Teak.

Similarly, you may want to consider updating a concrete deck to an exposed aggregate one; it’s a rugged and flexible material for pool decks, and can be styled in several ways to achieve a uniquely modern finish.

Your pool area should feel like an extension of the home, but it needs to be safe and sturdy too; either material can help you achieve both.

Build Out

Building out your home with an alfresco area is an elegant way to completely maximise your properties value, and will allow you to extend the warmth of your home outward into a practical lounging area.

These outdoor rooms can double up as an additional kitchen or entertainment area; they can function as any number of things, depending on the design and space available. However, by building out your alfresco area into the pool, you can create an absolutely majestic centrepiece that combines the comfort of a home with outdoor serenity.

Shade Sails

Shade is hugely important when spending a significant amount of time outdoors; an elegant way to get this done and shield you from the sun is to install a shade sail.

Often seen in commercial and public pools, or overhanging hotel pool lounges, you can easily and inexpensively have one designed and fitted for your own pool area. These come in a range of designs and colours, and can shade particular parts of the pool and accompanying lounge area; this will also shield the pool from falling plant debris, and give your pool that something special.

A pool is a fantastic centrepiece that can turn any home into a premium summer hangout. Giving your pool the makeover it needs to look fantastic and low-maintenance come auction time can add a huge amount of extra value, and give you an edge when engaging with prospective buyers.

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