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A Complete Marketing Strategy

Marketing of property has radically changed over the past few years and Shellabears is at the forefront of marketing innovation.

Often the difference between a good result and a fantastic result is the decision to promote your property on all available media in the most results driven way. Our complete marketing strategy is specifically designed to target all buyers in the market – both Active and Passive.

Target both Active and Passive Buyers

Active buyers utilise the traditional domains on the internet to seek out property, where they will see your property advertised alongside all others in your suburb. Active buyers are very price-savvy and familiar with your suburb’s recent sales results. Passive buyers are exposed to your property through their use of social media, for example Facebook and Instagram.

Stand Out From The Crowd

This is where our exclusive E-Campaigns are crucial for your property. Our marketing experts ensure that your property is seen not only by appropriate potential buyers, but that it is viewed in isolation – it is not competing against any other properties in the social media environment.

Passive buyers often pay more for a property for a number of reasons: they are open to buying in a wider suburb area, they are less familiar with the sales results in a particular suburb and through social media they come to your property emotionally engaged. Emotional engagement can see a buyer moving quickly to secure your property. This is great for you.

Without the Shellabears complete marketing strategy, you can’t be sure that you’re selling your property for the highest possible price. With it, you can. It’s a “No stone unturned” philosophy that will bring you the very best result.


At Shellabears, we have enshrined the use of video across all online marketing formats. This has assisted greatly with buyer engagement. It essentially prequalifies the buyers attending the home opens and gives your property a presence on social media across the board.

Digital Marketing

The Shellabears digital E-Campaign program matches your property with potential buyers on the Internet. We use a mix of email and online advertising to distribute a listing to relevant users. The promotion includes an electronic mail-out and web page that are dedicated to your property, banner ads across the web and video ads on YouTube.

The targeting process uses empirical data acquired directly by Shellabears (via our website, phone calls or home opens), as well as demographics available via Facebook and Google advertising. We display your property to in-market audiences who have shown interest in real estate in or around a specific suburb.

Depending on your property, we refine targeting audiences by other factors such as income brackets, family situation and interests. We are confident that we are doing more than anyone else in this field. Deep digital marketing is the new frontier.