What to Expect

Buying a home can be a complex and time consuming process. Even before you make the ‘big decisions’ about which property to buy or which home loan to select, there are many other important decisions you will need to make. Doing some homework can help you avoid potentially expensive mistakes.

You are more likely to make the right choices if you know what you want and are informed about your options so shop around for the best price, refuse to be hurried into a decision, take your time, read everything before you sign and ask questions.

You will not usually pay for the services of an agent, unless specifically employing a buyers advocate. Buyers will generally deal with several agents, depending on who is handling the sale of the properties in which they are interested in. They may also leave their details with one or a number of agents indicating the type of property they are seeking and an approximate price range. The agent can then notify them directly when suitable properties become available.

A buyer can generally expect an agent to:

  • Take the buyers details and provide advice about relevant properties for sale
  • Answer questions about listed properties
  • Arrange inspections
  • Communicate offers to the seller
  • Organise the signing of the contract