Little SUP Cafe

If you love surfing and enjoy a good cup of coffee, then Little SUP Cafe is going to be right up your alley. Little more than just a hole in the wall, it’s easy to walk straight past if you’re not paying attention. Little SUP Cafe is a favourite spot for many of us in the Shellabears office. Our big boss, Chris Shellabear, can often be found wandering up to Little SUP after his morning swim at the North Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.


External shot of Little SUP Cafe facade, Cottesloe.


Little SUP can be found on Eric Street in Cottesloe, just up the road from the iconic Ocean Beach Hotel and only a stone’s throw from the blue waters of North Cottesloe. The inside of Little SUP is lined with surfboards and it’s the perfect place to get your morning caffeine fix after your early morning run, swim, paddle, surf or walk.


The coffee at Little SUP is particularly good and it is always accompanied by a warm smile and friendly conversation. Everyone is treated like a local when they step into this small cafe and you will often find complete strangers engaged in friendly conversation whilst waiting for their coffee.


Coffee cup from Little SUP Cafe in Cottesloe.


If your morning swim has left you feeling a little peckish you can choose from Little SUP’s range of homemade pastries and muffins. Little SUP Cafe is open from 6 am – 2 pm daily, perfect for all you early birds!


Little SUP Cafe is also home to Ocean Merchants, a local surf brand with a long connection to the ocean. Ocean Merchants hand-crafts a range of custom short, long and stand-up paddle boards. If you’re in the market for a new board then pop on down to discuss what you’re after (and why not have a coffee while you’re there). Ocean Merchants also stock a range of paddles, board bags, fins, leg ropes and apparel, everything you’ll need to hit the waves.


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