Market Insight

This section aims to walk you through our insight into the current market conditions. Operating and Trading since 1925 has allowed us to generate a strong market insight. This section will walk you through the knowledge we have grown over the years and how it can be applicable to the sale of your home.

Past Sales Near You

Asking for nearby relevant sales near you is key in setting a realistic price for the marketplace. This will dictate where you home sits in the current market, and then it can have a structured marketing campaign to work with market conditions. Local area expert agents will know these past sales off the top of their head. The knowledge they possess is crucial in delivering your desired outcome.


The time of year can be a factor in the eyes of buyers. Traditionally the Winter/ Autumn seasons are quieter purely due to poor local weather conditions. However the genuine buyers will still be looking in these times, and as such adjustments to your marketing campaign could result and capturing these buyers attention and standing out in the marketplace.

The market fluctuates throughout the year with public holidays and various other factors. For example, a common trend is seen that home opens are not as effective in the times that schools are on holidays. Making inferences based on public events that are taking place allows you to note trends in the marketplace. Resulting in a more efficient and effective sale of your home.

Methods Of Sale

Methods of sale will influence the price your house sells for but also how quickly it sells. Auctions can be beneficial for a high demand property as it allows a single forum in which various buyers can compete against one another for a highly desired property. However they can have a negative influence on the property if it is not sold at auction buyers may assume that something is wrong with the property.

Private treaty sales allow the greatest time for the negotiation to take place. This also allows you to deal with each offer with its special conditions. Closing date sale is growing in its usage as it creates an urgency for offers with the property being marketed heavily but exclusive to the public up until a certain date. Your agent will be able to suggest which method of sale would be best for your property, and outline their reasoning.

Your Property Value

Your property’s value is an uncontrollable number. There are tactics you can employ to best ensure that buyers see the value of your home, but the price of your property is ultimately determined by the marketplace. By analysing what is currently on the market in your area, the agent can then bet asses how you property will fit into current market conditions.

By cross-referencing this with past comparable sales in the area, your properties value is then assessed. Whether this price is disclosed to the public or hidden will be decided as part of the marketing plan, and your agent can discuss this further with you. Ask us for a Free Property Valuation


Achieving results is not always as straightforward as we would like. A lot of time, effort and expertise is put into overseeing the sale of a property and a fee is applicable to the contribution that we make as an agent. Fees have eased on the basis that agreed advertising costs are borne by the seller, and this can be discussed further with your agent.

Commission fees are applied either as a percentage of the sale price or as a flat fee and are paid at the time of settlement.