Moving Checklist

This is not a checklist to tick off come the day of the move, this is a systematic approach from when you decided you’re moving to the day of the move.

Begin using Stored Supplies of Frozen Foods

To ensure that nothing goes to waste in the move, running down your stock of frozen and perishable foods means nothing is lost. More importantly, it’s one less thing you will have to move.

Organise Precious Items

Unfortunately, things can sometimes get lost in a move. Organising and safely storing your most precious items can protect them from disappearing.

Organise Important Documents

To ensure nothing irreplaceable is lost, jump on this task early. Organising all stored documents whether that is converting to them being digitally stored or just packing them away early can save you countless stressful hours of searching when you should be enjoying your new home.

Sell Unwanted Appliances

It is essential to jump on this one as early as possible. Advertising these items for sale early can save you a last minute stressful sale where you may have to sell the item for less than it is worth. It also ensures that you don’t have to waste your time on moving day with things that aren’t coming to the new home.

Get your Garage/Shed Sorted

Ensure that you have these areas organised. You might find that some of the things you have stored away aren’t needed anymore, making your move more time efficient.

Change your Address

Begin going through mail and organising for the providers to change your listed address.


Speak to friends/family about holding onto your pets for a brief duration during the move. The last thing you want is to have to worry about where your dog is when the removalists are charging by the hour! Plus you really want all hands on deck when the move is on, and pets just aren’t that helpful at moving furniture.


Organise your internet, phone, gas, electricity and any other utility connections.

Packing Boxes

Jumping on this task as early as possible can save you sleepless nights. Ensure you have the boxes and enough tape handy. Remember to label every box with what is inside so that you know where to put it when unpacking!

Shellabears Tip: Put the heavier items in smaller boxes and the lighter things in bigger boxes.

Dismantle Furniture where Possible

Where you can, to make the move easier, dismantle furniture. Make sure you tape all assembly parts in a bag to the item they came from. This will make reassembling it an easier and more organised task.

Create an Essentials Box

This is a box filled with anything you will need as soon as you turn the key to your new home. It can be anything from phone charger, tv remote to toiletries. This is usually a great thing to do about the day you are moving – it’s all the things you’re using right up until you move!

Defrost your Freezer

This is done a night before the move.

Turn off all Taps/Switches

The day of the move make sure everything is off. Lights, Taps, Gas and windows. Make sure they are all secure and closed.

Lock up

Don’t forget to lock the door behind you on the way out!

Take Deep Breaths

Just remember to breathe on moving day, It won’t be long until you’re in your new home.