The Skills For The Job

Before hiring an agent you need to ensure that they’re qualified to sell your home. You need to be sure this agent can get the job done, and knows what to do if any circumstance were to arise in the sale process. This agent must know the ins and outs of their job to be able to protect and act in your best interests.

A Good Negotiator

The word negotiation is thrown around a lot in the Real Estate industry, but for good reason. The negotiation skills of the agent can have an effect on the final outcome, so it is important to ensure that your agent has the skills and willingness to negotiate to achieve the best outcome for you. This is not simply a matter of demanding a very high price – if a property is overpriced, it can sit on the market for an extended period of time, costing you money, time and stress. This can also result in the property achieving a lower sales price when it does sell, so it can be benificial to set and negotiate around a reasonable price.


Your agent is going to be associated with your home. Enthusiasm is key to the sale process, it is contagious and spreads from agent to buyers. An agent who is enthusiastic about the sale of your house is the agent you want. Making your house stand out from the marketplace is key, and a enthusiastic agent can be the difference that separates your home from the others for sale.