What To Avoid

Having so many options of who to sell your home with can create a lot of confusion in potential seller’s minds. Sifting through the agents to find the right one for you can be a difficult task.

Avoid #1: An Agent not Acting in your Best Interest

Finding an agent motivated by your outcome is crucial. You should ensure that the salesperson you are considering is motivated by your outcome. The best results will be achieved when the agent is working in your best interest and not in their own. For example an agent who is not willing to accept conjuncitonal offers is not acting in your best interest – a conjunctional offer means the commission will be split between agents, but it could also mean a higher price for your home, so they should always be considered.

Avoid #2: An Agent with Poor Communication Skills

Ensure your salesperson has great communication skills. It is in your best interested and within your rights to be kept in the loop with all things specific to the sale of your home. In particular you want an agent passionate about keeping you informed and giving honest feedback, rather than an agent who is hard to get a hold of or doesn’t provide the feedback from buyers that may be the differing factor to separate your home from the marketplace.

Avoid #3: A Poorly Organised Agent

A salesperson should have all relevant information clearly organised and legible to make the sale process as efficient as possible. An unorganised campaign can result in missed opportunity. This can be especially important in the initial marketing of your property, where clarity in the presentation of your home can either engage or turn away prospective buyers.

Avoid #4: An Unmotivated Agent

An agent who has little or no motivation will not achieve the best result for you. This involves treating every enquiry seriously, and being willing to adapt and change their methods to suit your property, and the changing market place. The Real Estate industry is changing rapidly, and an agent who is doing things the same way they did them 10 years ago is not going to give your property the best chance.