Preparation Checklist

A checklist can be very beneficial in making sure every aspect of your home is in the best condition it can be. This will ensure you hit the ground running when your property comes to market, so that it is in great shape from day 1.

Neaten All Furniture

The power of having a neatly presented home goes a long way in the eyes of the buyer. Little touches like making the bed and folding blankets on the couch can wield great influence over buyers perception of your home.

Remove Clutter from Floor

Other than your furniture, it can be beneficial to try to clear clutter, as this opens up the space. Moving things like suitcases and boxes to the garage or another storage facility gives a greater sense of space for your property.

Sweep Floors

Clean floors will present the house in a more positive manner. Having all excess dirt removed from the floor allows the buyers to see the full extent of the home and see the home in its best presentation.

Remove Loose Items From Eyesight

This will again present the home in a more raw/neat manner. Also, when having a viewing of your home it is important to protect your assets and removing loose small items from say a bedside table can be a great way of ensuring nothing is lost in the process.

Clean Sinks/Bathtubs

Have a glimmering clean sink and bathtub is much better than having one with dirty water marks or mess inside. Cleaning these will make the bathroom stand out!

Clean Windows and Mirrors

By cleaning the windows it gives a much cleaner view for your house from the outside and from the inside. Mirrors are a great tool in the sale of a home, as they allow the potential buyers to see themselves in the home.

Clean Carpets

If your home has carpets it is important to make the buyers see these as an asset to the sale rather than a liability. Getting a proper clean done can change the feel from a room that is deemed messy to a neater, cosier more homey feeling.

Clean Pool/Garden

Cleaning the pool from leaves and dirt straight away makes it more welcoming for buyers. Although they won’t be swimming in it at the time of viewing, they may associate a dirty pool with an unwelcoming home.

Similarly, a dirty and messy garden can have the same negative influence.