Rachel Cann

Sales Representative

Rachel has dedicated the past five years to nurturing young minds at Bold Park Community School, leveraging her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care. Now, answering a long-time calling, she’s embarked on a new journey in the world of real estate.

Fuelled by a lifelong passion for real estate, Rachel seized the opportunity to learn under the guidance of industry expert Chris Shellabear, whose mentorship has been invaluable. Now, as a proud member of the Shellabears team, Rachel eagerly embraces this new journey, bringing with her a rich background in fostering meaningful connections and positively impacting families’ lives.

Rachel’s interest in real estate ignited at a young age, attending numerous home opens led by Chris Shellabear himself. These experiences planted the seeds for her future career in the industry, one that she now approaches with enthusiasm and determination.

As a Sales Representative, Rachel thrives on the art of connecting clients with their dream homes, exuding warmth and sincerity that instantly puts them at ease. Her genuine smile and welcoming demeanour foster an environment where clients feel valued and understood.

Back in 2020, Rachel and her partner now recently her husband took a significant step of purchasing their first home in Wembley, marking a milestone that deepened her connection to the community.

While Rachel may be relatively new to the real estate scene, her drive and intimate knowledge of the local area speak volumes. With the entire Shellabears team rallying behind her, Rachel is poised to make a significant impact, not only in her community but beyond its borders.

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