Preparing Your Home

For many sales, the presentation of your home can make a tangible difference to the interest in the property, and can even end up affecting the sales price. This section will break down a few areas where simply improvements can simplify the sale process and result is a better outcome.


Buyers always emphasise and exaggerate, rightly or wrongly, the negative aspects of a property. Minimising these negatives and even turning them into a positive can change the outcome drastically. Even though the property has not changed at all, by professionally adjusting the presentation of your home slightly, better results are possible. There is a very big difference between presenting your home for sale and living your home.


Even the greatest homes can be seen as “too much work” when the garden is left to its own devices. Tidying up the garden, or even having a gardener come through a few days prior to going to the open market allows your home to be presented as the best it can be. This is especially important for the front of your home – prospective buyers will often drive by your home before an open, so a positive first impression can make a big difference.


Similarly to the gardening, cleaning your home is a great way to create the idea in buyer’s minds that “this home is good to go”. Thoroughly cleaning, or getting the home professionally cleaned ensures the interior is in the best possible shape leaving the home as a blank canvas for buyers to visualise themselves living in!

Home Styling

If you were to walk into another home without any furniture, would it feel like home?

Home styling is the key to unlocking the door into buyers subconscious. Getting your home styled for inspections is a great way to create a sense of a home. This goes a long way in the minds of the buyers as a large portion purchase to live within the home and as such they must see themselves being able to do so prior to acting an offer.


Candles are a great way to create an aroma through your home. Having a few scented candles lit in your home a few hours prior to inspection can make a big difference. Creating the idea of a home in buyers minds takes stimulation of all 5 senses. Walking through the door and smelling a “homey” aroma will create a sense of comfort when viewing.


Checklist for Preparing Your Home

A checklist is a great way to make sure you are completely prepared for the sale of your home. It will make sure no stone is unturned in making sure your home is in the best possible shape in the eyes of the buyers.

Local Tradies

Working with local tradies is a great source to utilise local knowledge. The tradies we recommend are all local professionals in their field and have a portfolio of work with Shellabears backing up their level of service. Local tradies are a trustworthy and reliable source with excellent knowledge of their field.